Friday, February 17, 2006

Oh, hi people! :)

Some weeks it is so easy to post at least once a week, sometimes there is just so much going on that I am not at my computer regularly. I had so much to do this week that that the boys and I went out everyday! I cannot think of the last time I left the house so much in one week; must have been before we went into hiding. We had our RSV shots this week (only ONE more month!) and the boys have been doing great. I even started feeding them breakfast baby food now (mornings are so horrible, but I have buckled to my responsibilities) so now the boys are eating three squares a day. Let us hope that is the breeze that will send them over the edge to sleeping. Collin has been better about wearing his glasses recently for some reason. He has been more interested in standing and getting around so perhaps that is it. He needs new ones but we have to wait for our new insurance to kick in come March before we can. Ah, the sweet smell of quality insurance... it will be a life saver.

It took a little coaxing but we finally got Collin to crawl through the box.
Cyrus and Daddy eagerly await his arrival at the other end.

Cyrus could not crawl through fast enough. And he did it again and again...

...Until he sat on the box.
Collin is mesmerized by the baby on the box, he kept babbling to her.
Ah, so much fun in the packaging! By the way, Cyrus' footy pajamas glow in the
dark, little dinosaurs. Too cute!

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Matthew said...

My son has the same PJ's! My mother bought them and told me they glow, but we haven't yet witnessed it. I'll have to put them in some light tomorrow and see!