Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Big Mac in a Cup

The nutritionist gave me a few samples of "a big mac in a cup" (330 calories in about three tablespoons) and I love the stuff. I can now give them their favorite foods like green beans, peas, and squash with decent caloric intake. The boys don't notice it and so I can slip it into their food and POOF tons more calories! Since they are still eating the same amount as they have been for ages now (8 oz of babyfood, and 10-14 oz. of Pediasure a day) I am so thankful for this stuff and I am going to get a prescription for it so I can use it regularly.

I know everyone is sick to death of my rantings on not sleeping, I know I am sick of dealing with it. The boys are regressing, and are now up every fours hours or so. I guess I have been slacking so much that the boys are in control. But I think Cyrus is on a growth spurt... is that a good rationalization? My mother thinks he is teething, should give him the teething tablets and then back to bed, buddy!

Here's Collin... Tada! He is in a walker (I know I know) eating Cheerios.

Like the matching outfits? Guess what Cyrus is about to do...

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HHH said...

ok, I need some of that stuff for Hallie....WHERE DO I GET IT? Please let me know!!