Sunday, December 13, 2009

Returning to the Blog

Wow, over a year. It has been too long since I was blogging, and now that the boys and I are moving to Denver, its time to start up again. Things are a changin' here and I am going to need to start updating all my family and friends with the goings-ons of Collin and Cyrus.

We are moving January 1st, and the clock is ticking! So much to do, but at least the important stuff is almost completed. Only one doctor left to set up an appointment with and set up evals with the home health therapists. We have been very blessed with our doctors and therapists here in Dallas/Ft Worth, and I will always praise Cook Children's Hospital for the amazing job they did for my boys (I am particularly sad to be leaving Collin's speech therapist, she has been superb!).

And for the future, I am excited about our new home away from home, The Children's Hospital of Denver, which, like Cooks, is also one of the best in the nation. Last year I visited the hospital when I was visiting my friend (and soon to be roommate) and it is an awesome campus.

It is going to be a difficult transition as the boys have lived over half of their lives now in Nana & Grandpa's house, so I am mentally preparing for that first month to be rough (as are the other people that we will be living with). Luckily my cousin and her five year old son live about ten minutes away and I am so jazzed about hanging out with her and seeing all the boys together. Getting them set up with things to do and people to hang around with is going to be very important in how quickly they adjust.

Tonight Nana & Grandpa had some quality time with the boys out looking at Christmas lights. They had a blast and will probably be doing that a few more times before the holidays are over. It has been stressful on everyone, this sudden move immediately after the holidays, and this new year is going to be unlike any other. So hold on to your hats people, off we go!

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