Thursday, December 13, 2007

School and Surgery

When we last met our dynamic duo, they were celebrating their third birthdays. Well, since that time the two heros have begun a public school program called PPCD (Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities) where they go to an elementary school five days a week from 8-11 am. They follow the ISD school schedule and after some adjustment time are now enjoying very much. The school system offers therapy, mostly Speech and OT, also some developmental through out the week on a regular basis but does not exclude them from private therapy for insurance purposes. Cyrus never had a problem and never even cried when he first began, but Collin had some problems and we had to have a meeting with the teacher and the principle to ensure that his SID (Sensory Integration Dysfunction) was being addressed to help him adapt. They were originally in separate classes as well but after putting them together Collin really improved. Now the two of them race for the door and no one even notices that I am leaving.
They are learning all sorts of things and its great for them to be around other children. Collin has learned new signs and they use the PECS cards in school as well, so he keeps getting practice even at school. He even signed to me at supper the other night that he wanted a cookie. Silly Collin. LOL Cyrus has been quoting songs they learn in school and talks about his friends. Its a good program to supplement their therapy and gives me a little free time in the mornings to run errands and such.

And by the way, Collin's Dynavox will not be in for a while. What I thought was the ordering of the device was actually just the ordering of a voucher which I have finally received that I now have to send to the Dynavox company myself and order separately. Geeze what a hassle! I will let you know whenever it comes in... and I foolishly thought we would have in before their birthday at one time! HA!

On November 27th Collin had day surgery on both of his eyes. They reattached and shaped the muscles to help them be equal in strength. He had really bloodshot eyes for a while and had to put drops in his eyes three times a day for a week!! That was not any fun. But the results have been amazing! He is walking better, his eyes aren't crossing he has improved his fine motor skills... and all since his surgery. So obviously the surgery was a success! :) I have been busy lately and have been slacking on the posts... and I am out of time now too... just wanted to play catch up for a minute!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holidays, getting their shopping done and all that. The boys have gone light looking a number of times already and they love it! Cyrus has to gives us his report on what is on each house as we pass. Its so cute!

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